Creatine 10​​​​1: What it is and What's it do

Creatine (methylguanidine acetic acid) is a compound derived from amino acids that is stored in skeletal muscle and organs (95% in muscle/5% organs)(Persky).  It is a natural occurring compound that plays a vital role in the  storage and transport of cellular energy. ​

This  means creatine supplementation allows your body to create more energy  in the cells resulting in better exercise performance. Specifically, by  allowing your body to create more ATP. ATP is your bodies primary energy  carrier and is also known as your bodies energy currency.  The faster  your ATP regenerates and the more ATP you have available and the harder  you can workout.  


Creatine helps produce ATP, your cells’ most basic form of energy. This increases energy production during high intensity exercise and leads to improved performance and increased strength and muscle gain.

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